CAREER-VIEW MIRROR - biographies of colleagues in the automotive and mobility industries. Podcast Artwork Image

CAREER-VIEW MIRROR - biographies of colleagues in the automotive and mobility industries.

Andy Follows

CAREER-VIEW MIRROR offers career lessons from the experiences of senior leaders and rising stars in the exciting global automotive industry. Aquilae's Managing Director, Andy Follows, hosts candid conversations, reflecting on their career journeys to help you with yours.
Side Mirror: What happens in Vegas... December 04, 2022 Episode artwork Steve Underwood: the unassuming global head of financial services who turned a safe career option into engaging roles at Ford, Porsche, McLaren and Aston Martin Lagonda. November 27, 2022 Episode artwork James Hopkins: Motivated by a need to catch up, James achieved career success. He shares the impact that had on his family and relationships.November 20, 2022 Episode artwork John Ellis: The "never disrespectful, always irreverent" bestselling author of The Zero Dollar Car. November 14, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: When one door closes, push on some more.November 06, 2022 Episode artwork Matthew Boguradzki: How being intentional, working hard and applying a formula can result in a stellar career. October 30, 2022 Episode artwork Kevin Brown: Rolling with good and bad luck, applying yourself when it matters and when hot desks got lost in translation. October 23, 2022 Episode artwork Peter Coe: When following your passion doesn't work out, pivoting and developing a successful corporate career, learning from those around you and leading with authenticity and positivity. October 16, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: Owning your career journey - 13 steps to help you take charge. October 09, 2022 Episode artwork Erich Ebner von Eschenbach: (a.k.a. “Triple E”) on banking, Wall Street, M&A, successful Post Merger Integration, the GFC, mobility and leveraging young talent. October 02, 2022 Episode artwork Nicolas Lacker Stuhl: the international Frenchman who followed his heart to Munich and a career in the automotive industry and whose entrepreneurial spirit now sees him at the forefront of car subscription and connected car retailing. September 25, 2022 Episode artwork Jonathan Whitby: on moving from Audi to Tesla, how a compelling mission drives engagement and developing his own business as a Sales Geek. September 18, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: Crucible moments. Events that forge our character and influence our thoughts and actions, sometimes indefinitely. September 11, 2022 Episode artwork Shona Langridge: shares an international voyage of self discovery, from developing business across automotive, sports marketing and the charity sector to becoming the most complete version of herself practising and teaching yoga.September 04, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: Don't quit your job until you've done this.August 28, 2022 Episode artwork Stefan Dekker: Shaping the future of electricity and shaping the future of business culture. August 21, 2022 Episode artwork Ralf Zimmermann: a Kaizen evangelist and customer service enthusiast who has spent his career helping to transform automotive businesses. August 14, 2022 Episode artwork Julian Humphreys: Learning to knead then needing to learn with an auto finance industry veteran and co-founder of Maxxia and MOTOM. August 07, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: The Aquilae Academy Story. How guided peer mentoring enables fulfilling performance. July 31, 2022 Episode artwork Side Mirror: The hidden costs of hybrid working. July 24, 2022 Episode artwork Ashley Harris: how scaling mountains in the Himalayas and deliveries at Tesla helped conquer the need for external validation. July 17, 2022 Episode artwork Alan Harris: how cows, cars, curiosity and ambition led to a successful automotive career spanning multiple continents.July 10, 2022 Episode artwork Steve Whitmarsh : Land Rover's youngest ever production manager on building engines, relationships, and a fleet management business. July 03, 2022 Episode artwork Anirudh Kejriwal: From fashioning garments to fashioning leaders, learning from mentors and leading with compassion. June 26, 2022 Episode artwork David Woollcott: on transitioning industries, handling redundancy and how it's finally okay for leaders to be both commercially successful and kind. June 19, 2022 Episode artwork